My Best Tour was officially founded in March 2012, but the original founders, Paolo Apolloni and Roberto Contursi, had been doing tours of Rome by golf cart since 2010.
Both were already well experienced in the tour business, they had been doing tours for decades, they were in the business by trade since they just followed their fathers’ footsteps.
At first, Golf cart tours of Rome, excursions, and day trips by car, were My Best Tour’s main occupation.
In 2015, My Best Tour obtained the travel agency license, with the denomination The Fun Way.
The very same year, a third partner, Fabrizio Bortoli, joined the company.
In 2017 a new office, flanking the first one in Villa Borghese, was opened near the Vatican, thus qualifying My Best Tour as DMC, Destination Management Company.

From left to right: Fabrizio, Roberto, Paolo.

From 2015 onwards My Best Tour has grown a lot, putting together a team of expert local guides and drivers able to fully meet the needs of tourists visiting Italy.

Specializing in golf cart tours, walking tours, tours for the disabled and the elderly, organization of trips throughout Italy, events, and anything a travel agency well introduced in the territory can be asked to do.

A Destination Management Company (DMC) is a professional services company with local knowledge, expertise, and resources, working in the design and implementation of events, activities, tours, transportation, and program logistics. There are very few destination management organizations.

It was clear from the beginning that the partners needed help.
The tours, accounting, care of the carts and the minivans, replying to emails, updating the website, keep a presence on the social media…
They just couldn’t do everything themselves so, here’s the help they got:

My Best Tour’s staff at the annual “end of season” party in 2018.

Firstly, they needed someone who could do the golf cart tours, so the first ones we introduce are the driving guides.

Renato, an old friend, was the first to lend a hand. He has been working as a driver and guide since the 1970’s and, besides Italian, speaks several foreign languages: English, German, Portuguese and Dutch. When we offered him to join us and do tours by golf cart, he was reluctant at first but, after we showed him how we did it and doing a couple of tours, he liked it so much that he said it was the only way to take the tourists to see Rome. “Forget about the car” he said, “that’s good for tours and trips outside the city.”

Giuseppe, Joe for short, came right after.
His father used to run a coffee shop where we often stopped to have a cappuccino with our clients during our morning tours. One day this gentleman spoke to Roberto about his son and told him the young man was fluent in English and Dutch. “Just thought you may consider hiring him” he said. We were impressed! Not only he really spoke both languages well, but he also knew his history. It didn’t take long to train him and he soon became an asset for the company.

Vic came next. He’s Italian but spent part of his life in the USA.
“I crossed the Ocean fifteen times.” He likes to say. Obviously, his English is perfect. Paolo met him under strange circumstances and took him a while to get him to join the group. After the due training, which consisted in flanking Paolo driving the second cart when he had groups that were too large to fit in one, he started doing tours on his own and the company began to receive good reviews about its work. He’s easy going and has a good sense of humor.

Valerio, Val for short, was hired next.
He used to work for the guys we rented golf carts from when we ran out of our own. He spoke good English and new the city and its history, renting out golf carts in the park he was wasted and so, when he quit with working for those guys, we hired him. It didn’t take long to train him and quickly, good reviews about his work started to come.
He was a lot better than we thought he was, a revelation!
He’s patient, easy going and good with kids.

Then came Raffaele (aka Ralph). I asked the owner of the coffee shop we frequented if she knew anyone that spoke good English that we could use. She pointed to the counter and said “Get him, he’s graduated in English and Spanish. He’s wasted here.” He started working with us the next day. While doing his office work, he also trained to become a driving guide and, as he felt ready for it, he started doing tours. Later, he also obtained a license as local guide, so he also does the walking tours. Peculiar sense of humor, some people want to strangle him because of his jokes.
Lorenzo, aka Milo, was a friend of Raffaele’s. Our business kept growing and we needed more driving guides, we asked Raffaele if he had any friend that we could hire, and he introduced Lorenzo. As we met him, it was clear to us that he was a smart young man. He spoke English and Spanish well and he knew the city. After the usual training, he started doing tours alone and all the clients were very happy with him. While working with us, he continued to study at the university and obtained a business consultant degree, but he likes working as a driving guide better.

Silvia is a lovely lady. Her brother, who is a friend of ours introduced her to us. She’d just quit her job at Rome’s airport when we met her. She did her training, then she did it again and again. She always said she wasn’t ready to go off on her own, but we knew she was, so one day we forced her. We were right, she was ready, at the end of the tour the clients just raved about her! And so did all the other clients. She’s really good at was she does.

“Raffaele, we’re shorthanded again, any more friends who could come and work for us?” We said to him. He made a few phone calls and Marco popped up.
Nice fellow, graduated in foreign languages, speaks good English and he now working on his Russian. Good knowledge of history too.
Training him didn’t take long, after flanking the expert driving guides for a while, he was able to run his own tours. Did we say run? No, he takes it easy, you just can’t rush him. Like all the others, he’s good with kids and very patient.

Daniele, aka Gibbo, was introduced to us by a friend we have in common.
He started his training with a cast on his arm, because he’d been in an accident shortly before we met him. Quite a character! He always has a big smile on his face, and it looks like nothing can bring him down, speaks excellent English and his Spanish is even better as, when he was a kid, he used to spend his summers with his grandparents who live in Spain. Like all others, he also is good with kids.

This is when My Best Tour started to become a family affair.

We needed more help, and we asked the guys if they had a friend they could recommend. At this point Lorenzo said his brother, who had been studying in London had just come back and was looking for a job. We didn’t even have to train him, Lorenzo did! He turned out being as good as Lorenzo and he’s now one of the most requested of our guys.

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